Ford Green Hall is a seventeenth century, authentically furnished, timber-framed house steeped in the atmosphere of times past. Discover how the Tudors and Stuarts lived by booking onto one of our guided tours. A range of practical, facilitated workshops enable students to explore the themes of costumes, toys, food, plants and materials.

This site is now run by Ford Green Hall Museum Ltd. To find out more about the workshops, including costs and bookings please contact

Gingerbread Man (Foundation – Year 1) Meet the Gingerbread Man, taste a biscuit and make a puppet. Find the nursery rhyme characters in our interactive hall tour.

Great Fire of London (KS1) Meet Samuel Pepys and hear first hand experiences of the Fire, in a building typical of his time.

Discover Ford Green Hall (KS1/2) Explore our amazing half-timbered farmhouse and its authentic furnishings. Imagine what life was like in Tudor times and investigate mystery objects.

Handling Tudor Objects (KS1/2) How did Tudors and Stuarts light their houses, cook or collect water? Find out about 17th-century life and materials.

Tudor Toys and Games (KS1/2) Discover what children played with and the games they enjoyed. Try your hand at “Shuffleboard” or “Nine Men’s Morris”.

Rich and Poor (KS2) Explore the differences between rich and poor in Tudor times. Dress up according to your station and dance a pavane.

The Tudor Table (KS2) Smell herbs and spices used in Tudor cooking, learn Tudor table manners and make a marchpane table decoration.

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