The last complete Victorian pottery factory in Stoke-on-Trent and also a working museum, this unique site will provide your pupils with a fantastic hands-on learning experience. Learn about Victorian working conditions for adults and children and watch our demonstrators as they practise traditional skills in clay. There is also a fully furnished Victorian doctor’s surgery on site, as well as a fascinating exhibitions on ceramic tiles and the history of the toilet. Come here for art, history, citizenship and science activities.

All workshops one and a half hours unless stated otherwise. Note about clay classes: air-dried objects will last well, but for extra strength they can be fired at an additional cost of £1.50 per item. Not all items may survive firing.

Our minimum group size is 12 and our maximum group size is 15. If you have any queries please call us on 01782 237777 and we’ll be happy to discuss your booking.

The Hare and the Tortoise (Foundation/KS1) Explore colours, pictures and patterns in our Tile Gallery. Make a clay tortoise from the famous story to take home.

Tessellating Tiles (KS1/2) Discover how shape, colour and pattern have been used in tile design over the centuries, then make a decorated tile.

Art Deco Plate Painting (KS1/2/3/4) Learn about the life of Stoke’s most famous ceramic decorator, Clarice Cliff*. Paint a piece of pottery inspired by her stunning designs.

*Clarice Cliff is a registered trademark of Josiah Wedgwood and Son. By kind permission of Josiah Wedgwood and Son.

Bone China Flower Making (KS2/3/4) Watch our expert demonstrate bone china flower making and have a go yourself. Learn about piece-work and timing.

Coil Pot Making (KS1/2/3/4) Make a cylindrical container by coiling clay, and decorate it as you please.

Clay Containers (KS2/3/4) Learn from our experienced potter how to make and decorate a cylindrical container using the slabbing technique.

Clay Mask Making (KS2/3/4) Learn different hand-building techniques and make a clay mask. Classes can be tailored to curriculum topics; ask us when booking. If you would like your visit to support a particular topic, e.g. African masks, please note that we are not experts. But you are welcome to bring along visual aids to prompt and inspire your pupils’ designs.

Gladstone Pottery Museum Interactive Guided Tour (KS1/2/3/4) Glimpse into the working lives of child and adult pottery workers and watch demonstrations of traditional skills.

Potteries Children (KS2) What was life like for children working in the Victorian pottery industry? Pupils will dress up and recreate scenes from working life.

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