Outreach Workshops

Learn about the past as one of our Museum facilitators brings exciting objects into the classroom.

Victorian Toys and Games (KS1) Play with toys from the past to find out how your great-great grandparents amused themselves.

Gods and Monsters (KS1/2) Hear tales of ancient gods, practice ancient writing and make a clay artefact to keep. Choose from Vikings or Ancient Egyptians.

Beetling About (KS3/4) Examine beautiful beetles from our collection and discover the benefits of classification. Identify samples by completing our binomial keys.


Loans Boxes

Our loans boxes contain replica and real artefacts that can be touched, smelt, and investigated by your class. We have science, history and art themed boxes containing everything from real animal specimens to a full size Victorian wash tub and peg. See our downloadable loans box list below for more details.

Interested in our outreach workshops & loans boxes?

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