Our marvellous collections include natural history, local history, ceramics, costumes and fine art. Support and inspire your students’ learning with the resonance of the real thing; be it a mediaeval skeleton, a real Spitfire or the world class Staffordshire Hoard. If you are bringing a group on an informal visit, please let us know in advance to avoid potential bottlenecks. Informal visits should have a clear focus and pupils should be well supervised at all times.

Bugs and Butterflies (Foundation/KS1) Get up close to our fascinating collection of bugs. Make a pair of bug wings and learn some rhymes about minibeasts.

Ugly Duckling (Foundation/KS1)Listen to the story and see ducks and swans from our collection. Dress as a duckling and make a duck hat to wear.

Bones and Skeletons (KS2) Compare skeletons and examine bones. Find out about the boneless wonders of the animal kingdom, including our (dead) tarantula! Up to two hours.

Rock Science (KS2) Discover how useful rocks are. Test rocks for hardness and porosity through fair testing. Choose soils or fossils to end your session. Up to two hours.

Food Chains (KS2) Assemble food chains in habitats using our preserved specimens. Watch your pupils go hopping mad as they play the Food Chain Game. Supports the Eco School award biodiversity targets.

Animal Pots (Foundation/KS1) Study the creatures in the Ceramics Gallery, including the Minton Peacock. Make a clay container with an animal inside.

Performing Puppets (Foundation/KS1) Explore a variety of puppets from our collection. Design and make a stick puppet with moving arms and legs.

Clay Portrait Heads (KS1/2) Discover sculpture in our art gallery. Draw a friend and investigate the properties of clay by sculpting a portrait.

NEW! Storytelling (KS2) A new cross-curricular literacy and art workshop. Join in the telling of ancient fables, using costume, puppets and sound effects. Be inspired by our ceramic collection of animal figures to create a fable character from clay.

Art Gallery Teachers Toolkit (KS3) Our new package gives methods of delivering a six- week project based around a two hour self-led class visit to out art gallery and ceramics collection. Investigate shape and pattern in the galleries using different drawing techniques and produce creative work back at school inspired by the research trip.

Animal Trail (KS1/2) Help Ozzy Owl find all the animals around the museum. Available at three different levels. Teacher led activity.

Toys from the Past (Foundation/KS1) What sort of toys did your great-grandparents play with? Work out how they move and what they are made of and make a simple toy. *Adaptations of this workshop is particularly suitable for special schools.

Seaside Holidays (KS1) Investigate our artefacts to find out how people spent their holidays a long time ago, and make a souvenir. Adaptation of this workshop is particularly suitable for special schools.

Digging Detectives (KS1/2) Develop historical skills and find out what an archaeologist does. Dig for lost artefacts, plan finds on an archaeological grid and re-assemble broken pots.

Ancient Greeks (KS2) Hear about Greek gods and everyday life in Ancient Greece. Study Greek pots thousands of years old and learn about their influence through the ages.

Greek Coil Pots (KS2) Find out how the Ancient Greeks shaped their famous pottery. Make and decorate your own Greek pot from air drying clay.

Roman Kitchen (KS2) Experience the sights and smells of a Roman kitchen. Startle your tastebuds with Roman ingredients and handle real Roman pottery.

Dolls’ House Trail (KS1/2) Let Sally the Doll and Pepper the Dog guide you through the museum’s collection with the Dolls’ House trail. Available at three different levels. Teacher led activity.

The Potteries at War (KS2) Learn about how the war affected Stoke-on-Trent. Meet our ARP warden to hear about local raids and life on the home front.

Anglo-Saxon Homes (KS1) Learn about homes in the past. Use your senses to explore replica ancient building materials and household objects. Dress the chief of the village and make a model home to take away.

Anglo-Saxon Battle Game (Year 3 – 8) Recreate a battle using hundreds of model soldiers in our exciting strategy game. Listen to a true 7th century story, discuss the origins of the Hoard and make a card game to take away.

Staffordshire Hoard Helmets (KS2) Hear the story of Hoard’s discovery and why it’s so important. View the Hoard up close and make your own Anglo-Saxon style helmet inspired by the distinctive designs of the period.

Spitfire Poetry (KS2/ Year 7 – 8) Create poetry inspired by our Spitfire and empathise with the experience of WW2 pilots.

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