event_meet_miss_bryneFind out what it was like to work at Gladstone China in 1910. Miss Byrne, our factory inspector will be here to show you around the 1910 office and answer your questions.

Visitors can find out more about the 1910 office while Miss Caroline Byrne, the Lady Factory Inspector is in residence. Taking visitors back to the early twentieth century Miss Byrne will explain her role and answer questions about the period. Dressed in costume she is a mine of information about factory life, including the role of the many children who worked at Gladstone when it was a working potbank.

She is charged by his Majesty’s Government to engage in a special enquiry on lead poisoning throughout the pottery industry and in particular, its effects on the female workers. This is an ideal opportunity to discover what working conditions would have been like for those at the Gladstone China factory. These inspections would have taken place every 3 months in 1910 and heralded the beginning of legislation to protect the health of factory workers.

Free with standard admission.

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Saturday 5th October 2013 - Sunday 6th October 2013

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