event_temperance_societyMeet the Victorian Temperance Society as they campaign against the ‘demon drink’ and encounter a drunken 19th century innkeeper at this free event.

The premise of the Temperance Society is restraint from fun and frivolity, and a return to Victorian values and decorum. Is your deportment dreadful? Has your etiquette evaporated? Are your morals meagre or missing? Then never fear members of the Society are on hand to help you mend your ways.

They’re frightfully proper, sombre and stern, with a terribly stiff upper lip. They’ll dust down your decorum, straighten your backbone, and sort out your p’s from your q’s. These passionate campaigners have pledges to be signed, tracts to be read and advise on etiquette and deportment. But how will they deal with the local innkeeper?

Meet the local innkeeper who samples too much of his own stock of beer and spirits. Be entertained with his bawdy sing songs of the era and 19th century silly tales behind his Victorian bar as he pours himself another drink. It appears that not everyone has been influenced by the new Victorian values!

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Saturday 8th June 2013

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10:30am - 4:00pm


The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery