Spitfire RW388

The Spitfire has left the museum to begin an incredible new adventure. It will be restored to its former glory and return to the City as the star of a new display. The aircraft will be returned to the museum in 2020, with a grand opening to be scheduled in 2021.

You can keep up with restoration updates on our BLOG.

Spitfire RW388 was donated to the City of Stoke-on-Trent in 1972. This honours Reginald J. Mitchell, the designer of the Spitfire, who was born and educated in north Staffordshire.

We are working with a range of partners, including Operation Spitfire, to restore RW388 and celebrate the connection between R.J. Mitchell and The Potteries. Our vision is for RW388 to be the ‘type’ LF Mk.XVIe Spitfire on static display, as it appeared when first put into service with RAF 667 Squadron in August 1945.

You can find out more information on RJ Mitchell and the Spitfire in the videos and resources below at and by visiting www.spitfireRW388.org.uk.

Removing a Spitfire

RW388 on Film

In 2015 History West Midlands created four short films about the Spitfire and the West Midlands, including footage of RW388 and interviews with staff at the museum.

Our Spitfire may have left the museum for restoration but it is still inspiring many people. This short animation produced by Joshua Boyd, who is studying Game Animation at Staffordshire University, illustrates its enduring popularity. As part of his studies he was tasked to create an animation on something on display at the museum. Joshua said he was…

…blown away by the Spitfire as I’d never seen one up close … I had no idea that he had designed something so iconic and I wanted to bring more people’s attention to it.


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