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From the base upwards, a red necked grebe, black grouse, turtle dove, mistle thrush, yellow wagtail, and a marsh tit

One of our most recent acquisitions is this slipware group of birds by Carole Glover. It is a joint gift to the Museum from Peter Vigurs and The Friends of The Potteries Museums & Art Gallery.

Carole Glover is a locally-born and trained potter who works from her studio in Stafford. Her work is heavily influenced by 17th century Staffordshire slipware in her use of materials, decoration and techniques.

The majority of her work is thrown, with some hand-work where necessary and then decorated with liquid slip in a limited palette of natural colours ranging from cream to near-black over the red earthenware ground.

Birds are a reoccurring theme in Carole’s work, either as vessels or as decorative figures and in recent years she has started producing her distinctive ‘totem’ groups. These groups comprise several birds of different species and sizes piled one above the other, each elaborately decorated with coloured slips to enhance the natural patterning of the birds’ plumage. Her decorating techniques include trailing, pouring, dipping, brushing, sponging, jewelling and feathering, ensuring that not only is each bird in the totem decorated quite differently from the next, but that the decorative method reflects the spirit of the bird’s appearance.

In this group there are, from the base upwards, a red necked grebe, black grouse, turtle dove, mistle thrush, yellow wagtail, and a marsh tit.

Peter Vigurs, the joint donor of this piece, has a long association with this Museum. He first came to Stoke as Keeper of Art when the new Museum opened in the 1970s. He then moved to Wolverhampton Museum & Art Gallery, subsequently returning to Stoke as Director of PMAG in the 1980s. Although he left Stoke-on-Trent City Council in the 1990s he continues to take a great interest in this museum. He served on the Friends of the Potteries Museums & Art Gallery’s Council for many years as member, Chair and Assistant Chair, and is still associated with the Museum through the Reginald Haggar Lecture Committee.

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