Key Stage 2 Workshops

Clay Portrait Heads (KS1/2) Discover sculpture in our art gallery. Draw a friend and investigate the properties of clay by sculpting a portrait.

Digging Detectives (KS1/2) Develop historical skills and find out what an archaeologist does. Dig for lost artefacts, plan finds on an archaeological grid and re-assemble broken pots. This workshop can be themed to fit with your Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Stone Age topic if required.

Bones and Skeletons (KS2) Compare skeletons and examine bones. Find out about the boneless wonders of the animal kingdom, including our (dead) tarantula! Up to two hours.

Rock Science (KS2) Discover how useful rocks are. Test rocks for hardness and porosity through fair testing. Choose soils or fossils to end your session. Up to two hours.

Food Chains (KS2) Assemble food chains in habitats using our preserved specimens. Watch your pupils go hopping mad as they play the Food Chain Game. Supports the Eco School award biodiversity targets.

Ancient Greeks (KS2) Hear about Greek gods and everyday life in Ancient Greece. Study Greek pots thousands of years old and learn about their influence through the ages.

Greek Coil Pots (KS2) Find out how the Ancient Greeks shaped their famous pottery. Make and decorate your own Greek pot from air drying clay.

Staffordshire Hoard Helmets (KS2) Hear the story of Hoard’s discovery and why it’s so important. View the Hoard up close and make your own Anglo-Saxon style helmet inspired by the distinctive designs of the period.

Anglo-Saxon Battle Game (KS2/ Year 7 – 8) Recreate a battle using hundreds of model soldiers in our exciting strategy game. Listen to a true 7th century story, discuss the origins of the Hoard and make a card game to take away.

All Change (KS2/3/4) Examine evolutionary adaptations by comparing and contrasting organisms from our fabulous collection of skulls and stuffed animals.

Gallery Shoot (KS2/3/4) Explore one of our permanent galleries, take photos and learn how to persuade people to conserve your chosen artefact or specimen.

Hoard Hunter (KS2/3/4) Use a metal detector and find some treasure. Would you recognise treasure if you found it? Learn about the science of metal detecting and the ethics of treasure hunting.

Fossils, Micro-fossils and a Blind Date (KS2/3/4) Use binocular microscopes to discover what is hiding in the ancient dust. See how evolution informs the oil industry.

Beetling About (KS2/3/4) Examine beautiful beetles from our collection and discover the benefits of classification. Identify samples by completing our binomial keys.

The Colour of Nature (KS2/3/4) Does colour mean the same to us all? Why do some animals blend in while others stand out? Investigate real specimens from nature from the museums collection. Learn about adaptation and camouflage.

99% Ape? Human Evolution Workshop (KS2/3/4) Investigate replica human and ape skulls from the ancient past to look for evidence of human evolution.

Roman Face Pots (KS2) Roman face pots were clay vessels decorated with a Roman style face. They have been found all over the Roman Empire. Find out what these unusual pots were for. Then make your own face pot from clay.

Anglo Saxon Pots (KS1/KS2) Anglo Saxons used clay pots for many of their everyday life activities from cooking, to cremation. Create your own Anglo Saxon Pot from clay, inspired by our collection and decorate it the Runic Alphabet.

Stone Age Pots (KS1/KS2)
Learn how  Stone Age people made their pots. Create your own Stone age pot from clay, inspired by the pots in our collection and decorate it with it  natural materials.