Friday Twilight - Science at Night

The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery

Friday Twilight - Science at Night

Event / Workshop, club or activity / Performance / Late opening
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
27/09/2019 - 27/09/2019

Join us again for a science-packed extravaganza of hands-on activities and events that will give kids and adults alike the chance to meet researchers from Staffordshire and Keele Universities. This year’s theme is 'Life on Earth', where we'll be exploring the diversity of life on our planet, the amazing creatures that came before us and the challenges facing nature today. Meet Tiny the Dinosaur, a family of Pandas, experience a Jurassic 360 degree show and get hands on with real pollution and conservation research! Free, 4 – 9pm.

Performance Programme:

4.00pm - Tiny the Dinosaur
4.30pm - 3D Cinema Dinosaur Show
4.45pm - Meet the Panda Family
5.15pm - 3D Cinema Dinosaur Show
5.30pm - Tiny the Dinosaur
6.00pm - 3D Cinema Dinosaur Show
6.15pm - Meet the Panda Family
6.45pm - 3D Cinema Dinosaur Show
7.00pm - Tiny the Dinosaur
7.30pm - 3D Cinema Dinosaur Show
7.45pm - Meet the Panda Family

Lecture Theatre Schedule:

5.15pm - Dr. Joe Roberts, Keele University: How can smells help us feed the world?
Find out about some of the pioneering research being carried out at Keele University on protecting crops from pest insects.

6.00pm - Jonathan Westlake: STEM education perspectives: Solutions to water based plastic pollution in Crete
Jonathan Westlake explores how STEM engineering projects such as the Big Bang competition can help to encourage the young generation to tackle plastic pollution in the UK in the context of his recent Erasmus+ teaching visits to the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete and Archelon's efforts to protect Caretta-Caretta sea turtles.

6.45pm - Prof. Claire Gwinnett, Staffordshire University: Plastic Not so Fantastic
Plastic is everywhere, it’s awesome for so many reasons but it’s also polluting our planet. Come and listen to the new technologies being developed by Staffordshire University, global companies, international researchers and world leading product producers to help fight the plastic pollution problem and learn what you can do too!

7.30pm - Dr. Rachel Bolton-King, Staffordshire University: Maintaining Life on Earth… Preventing Shooting Incidents
This talk considers some of the causes of increasing gun crime across the globe and explores the methods used by police and forensic scientists to detect and prevent fatal shooting incidents.

Other activities on the Night include:

Microplastics and our Rivers and Soils – Staffordshire University
Can you design a river system that prevents plastic pollution entering our oceans?

Eat Bugs, Save the Planet
Fancy a Cockroach Cluster? Low in fat, high in protein, efficient and sustainable to produce, and tasty too! But don’t take our word for it – come and try a selection of delicious cricket-based snacks!

Watch this Space! – Keele University
Keele University astronomers will answer questions about space and about the place of Earth in the grand scheme of the Universe. Spectacular images and other scientific material will be on display. Also join in with an international Star Spotting experiment (weather permitting), to track the effect of light pollution on our ability to see the stars.

And much more!

Suitable for
Any age, Family friendly