Cow Cream Jugs

You can help us to care for the museum collections by adopting one of our famous cow cream jugs. Our pack includes a photograph of your chosen cow, a certificate of adoption and information on the history of the Keiller collection. Plus, in recognition of your generosity, your name will appear on this page alongside the name of the cow cream jug you adopted.

You can purchase an adoption pack in the museum’s Foyer Shop, or online at

See who’s already adopted a cow cream jug and helped us care for our collections below!

December 2014

Jacqui Johnson
adopted Woadley Bos
Owen Johnson Davies adopted Mealease

November 2014

Jacqui Valendar
adopted Trunkey Bos
Isobel Stanton adopted Mealease
Jessica Clark adopted Link Bos
Juliet Stanton
adopted Mealease

October 2014

Spencer Evans adopted Squiggly Bos
Barbara Oldham 
adopted Gooseberry Bos

Evie Faulker
adopted Squiggy Bos
Amber Faulkner adopted Puzzle Bos

September 2014

Nicole Lindfield adopted Colourful Bos and Woadey Bos
Keith Thompson adopted Gooseberry Bos
Hannah Douglas adopted Yallery Bos
Stella Walker adopted Greensward Bos

August 2014

Michael Shaw adopted Gooseberry Bos

June 2014

Natalie Webb adopted Colourful Bos

April 2014

Anne Collins adopted Puzzle Bos

March 2014

Isobelle Aungier adopted Puzzle Bos and Colourful Bos
Clare Corcoran adopted Leafy Bos
Mary Corcoran adopted Sunflower Bos
Sally De Luca adopted Senatorial Bos
Linda Di Santis adopted Yallery Bos
Grace Duncan adopted Senatorial Bos
Samuel Duncan
adopted Yallery Bos
Annelies Ravenscroft
adopted Senatorial Bos
Jack Ravenscroft adopted Squiggly Bos
Jane Wood adopted Leafy Bos

February 2014

Christine Bartholomew adopted Squiggly Bos
Jason Booth
adopted Trunkey Bos
James Hill adopted Trefoil Bos and Leafy Bos
Maria Hobain adopted Security Bos
Sarah McIntyre adopted Security Bos and Link Bos
Julienne Ramsden adopted Copsey Bos
Jessica White adopted Senatorial Bos

January 2014

John Booth adopted Link Bos
Sallie Coolidge adopted Copsey Bos
Ron Crawford adopted Cornish Bos
Emily Defelice adopted Garten Bos
Steven Greenland adopted Security Bos
Rosie Haines adopted Link Bos
Maria Hobain adopted Copsey Bos and Wreathey Bos
Anne Martyn adopted Trefoil Bos
Clare Micklewright adopted Trunkey Bos
Penny Morris adopted Puzzle Bos
Phoebe Morris adopted Squiggly Bos
Jennifer Nicklin adopted Colourful Bos
Elliot & Missy Quinn adopted Beautiful Beautiful Pot Boiling Bos
Thomas Savage adopted Blottery Bos
Alannah Sweetmore adopted Yallery Bos
Stewart Tranter adopted Finality Bos
Suzanne Tranter adopted Garten Bos
Hazel Utley adopted Colourful Bos
Jim Utley adopted Trunkey Bos