This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1; a war that was to last four years and irrevocably change society for ever. To commemorate the impact that this made on our culture the museum will be organising an exhibition and a series of events examining different themes including the role of women, scientific and medical advances and entertainment.

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World War One Replica Trench System

22 November 2014 – 11 November 2018

The museum has installed an outdoor replica First World War trench system next to the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in the city centre.

It is being created to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the war in 1914 and will offer visitors an atmospheric, thought-provoking understanding of some of the conditions experienced by soldiers on the front line.

Engagement days are planned for both school-age young learners and adults, which will combine activities and displays with science demonstrations. Visitors will be able to learn about life in the trenches, artillery shells, how poison gas was made and even try their hand at making periscopes, which were used to spy on enemy positions.

The trench will be open daily from 11am – 3pm, weather permitting, and will be free to view.

For further information please contact Melanie Firman on 01782 232323 or e-mail melanie.firman@stoke.gov.uk.

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