Make a Water Magnifier – Potty Science Club

We hope you had a go at our last experiment – How did you get on? Did you manage to float a paperclip? In this session we will be continuing our experiments with water. In the Natural Science Gallery at The Potteries Museum we have some splendid exhibits of large fishes. But sometimes fishes can look […]

Talking Treasures – Staffordshire Cave Archaeology

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Join Curator of Local History Joe Perry as he uncovers the Staffordshire Peak District of the past in ‘Staffordshire Cave Archaeology’.

Talking Treasures: Stoke-on-Trent Hospitality Wares

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Join Assistant Curator of Ceramics Ben Miller for an insight into hospitality wares made in Stoke-on-Trent.

Walking on Water – Potty Science Club

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Hello and welcome to The Potty Science Club. Here we’ll be experimenting using equipment and items you can find in your own home. All our experiments will be safe and simple and reflect an item or exhibit held in the Museum’s collections. So follow along with us and give it a go to become a […]

Talking Treasures: Toadstone Myths

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Settle down with a cuppa and join Olivia Beavers, our Assistant Curator of Natural Sciences, for a look at toadstones – what they are, and what they were thought to be in the past.

Talking Treasures: An Early Acquisition

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Grab a cuppa and join Senior Curator of ceramics Miranda Goodby for ‘An Early Acquisition’.

Talking Treasures: An Eggs-cellent Collection!

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Get yourself a cuppa and join our Curator of Natural Sciences Glenn Roadley in the latest Talking Treasures film, ‘An Eggs-cellent Collection!’, for a behind the scenes look at some of the museum’s oology collection.

Spitfire Progress – Things are coming together (literally!)

Welcome to another, and long overdue, update on the restoration of Spitfire RW388. If you haven’t already seen them, our previous updates are all still available in the blog archives. The final stages of work are now all drawing together as even more parts of the aeroplane are fitted and fixed into place. So let’s […]

Talking Treasures: Eternal Spring by Auguste Rodin

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Grab yourself a cuppa and join Curator of Arts Samantha Howard for a look at this spring-inspired masterpiece.

Talking Treasures: New Hall Tea Service

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Join Miranda Goody, our Senior Curator of Ceramics, for the fifth in our series of Talking Treasures films – New Hall Tea Service.