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Walking on Water – Potty Science Club

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Hello and welcome to The Potty Science Club. Here we’ll be experimenting using equipment and items you can find in your own home. All our experiments will be safe and simple and reflect an item or exhibit held in the Museum’s collections. So follow along with us and give it a go to become a […]

Talking Treasures: Toadstone Myths

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Settle down with a cuppa and join Olivia Beavers, our Assistant Curator of Natural Sciences, for a look at toadstones – what they are, and what they were thought to be in the past.

Talking Treasures: An Eggs-cellent Collection!

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Get yourself a cuppa and join our Curator of Natural Sciences Glenn Roadley in the latest Talking Treasures film, ‘An Eggs-cellent Collection!’, for a behind the scenes look at some of the museum’s oology collection.

Talking Treasures: Blue John Fluorite

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Settle down with a cuppa and enjoy this short talk with Olivia Beavers, Assistant Curator of Natural Science at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.

Talking Treasures: The Passenger Pigeon

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Settle down with a cuppa and enjoy this short talk with Glenn Roadley, Curator of Natural Science at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

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The tree is up, the lights are on and carols are in the air. Many of the exhibits in the Natural History Gallery lend themselves to a Christmas theme and one of them is the star of one of our most well-known and mysterious Christmas carols – The Twelve Days of Christmas. Though there are […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, the museum showed to me… …a Partridge. You are very unlikely to see a partridge in any sort of tree, let alone a pear tree, as they are definitely short grass ground loving birds. On the 2nd day of Christmas, the museum showed to me… …Turtle Doves Sadly Turtle […]

Potty Gardening Club: Pumpkins and Halloween

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Pumpkins are members of the Melon Family, along with melons, water melons, gourds, cucumbers, squashes and luffas. There are about 142 types of pumpkin worldwide, probably originating in Central America about 7,500 years ago with seeds being found in ancient ruins in Mexico. Although you may think of a pumpkin as a vegetable, it is […]

Potty Gardening Club – Fantastic Fungus

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Summer has come to an end and autumn is now with us as plants die back and trees slowly go to sleep ready for the winter. This is the time of year when another lifeform is popping up in gardens and woods and lots of other places. They are neither Plant nor Animal. They are […]

Potty Gardening Club: Clever Berries

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At this time of year you will notice that on some plants in your garden berries have replaced the flowers. The hedgerows are full with different berries providing a feast for people and wildlife. Berries are a very clever way to entice birds and other animals to distribute a plant’s seeds. Packed with vitamins and […]