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Low growing plants on poor, well drained soils. Park Hall Country Park and Wetley Moor are some local examples. Listen to the Heathland Panel Text: Star Objects Adders are the only venomous British reptile, and are more common than grass snakes in many parts of England and Wales. They eat common lizards, small mammals, frogs […]

Helen’s Mini Museum

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Hello, my name is Helen and this is my Mini Museum… I store my mini museum an old printer’s tray (a draw that was used to store individual letters for letterpress printing) and hangs on the wall in my lounge. My ‘museum’ is full of a mixture of items that mean something to me. This […]

Hide and Seek

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Evolution is often an arms race between the hunters and the hunted. Plants and animals have developed many amazing ways of catching prey and outwitting predators. Listen to the Hide and Seek Panel Text: Star Objects

Hispano Cannon

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20mm Hispano Cannon Early Spitfires had eight machine guns but they weren’t very effective against large, armoured bombers. Spitfires were quickly adapted to also carry cannons. They fired a 20mm x 110mm shell that exploded on impact. There were early problems fitting cannons to Spitfires. They had to be angled on their sides to fit […]

Historic England Heritage Schools Programme

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Heritage Schools and The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery developed and delivered an online training package to teachers. The training was based around some key individuals who all came from areas of ceramic excellence in Europe to work in Stoke-on-Trent. We looked at their stories, their work, impact and significance on local industry and culture. […]

Home Learning Reward Bags

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Are you proud of your child’s home schooling? If so why not treat them to a special reward from our museum shop. We have created a Home Learning Reward Bag which includes an Ozzy Owl pencil and badge, Super Hero item, Animix toy, craft activities and certificate of achievement signed by Ozzy himself! Price £8 […]

Hot off the Scanner

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Digitisation is an important part of the core work of the collections team at the museum. Digital images of objects are vital for our collections database (helping us find and count objects in stores!), and allow us to share our collections more widely with the public across a variety of digital platforms which include social […]

How to Explore the Museum from Home

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It’s strange times we’re living in, and many of us are joining the working-from-home club or entering periods of social isolation. While our museum doors may be temporarily closed to the public, we’re fortunate enough that the wonders of the internet has made keeping everyone in touch easier than ever, and we’ll be using our […]

Hulton Abbey


The museum is home to the archaeology of Hulton Abbey, a Cistercian abbey founded by Henry De Audley in 1219. By the late 13th Century Hulton owned a large area of land, two mills, a fishery, a tannery and a fulling mill. One of the monks’ main sources of income of sheep farming. They owned […]

Identification of Finds

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Whether you are a seasoned metal detectorist, or you’ve made a chance find in your garden, we may be able to help identify your archaeological discoveries. We work with the West Midlands Finds Liaison Officers (FLO) to run regular finds days throughout the year. Please note that Finds Days work on an appointment basis so […]