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Field and Hedgerow

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The remains of the vast forests that covered the plains. Most of the flat areas of the Staffordshire and Cheshire Plains (to the west and south of the Potteries) have typical fields and hedgerows, and a lot of cows! Listen to the Field and Hedgerow Panel Text: Star Objects The spectacular courtship and aggressive behaviour […]


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Low growing plants on poor, well drained soils. Park Hall Country Park and Wetley Moor are some local examples. Listen to the Heathland Panel Text: Star Objects Adders are the only venomous British reptile, and are more common than grass snakes in many parts of England and Wales. They eat common lizards, small mammals, frogs […]

Deciduous Woodland

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Woods with trees that lose leaves in the autumn. Deciduous woodland is widespread across Staffordshire. Listen to the Deciduous Woodland Panel Text: Star Objects This is a fairly common marsupial – in its native North America! This specimen however was accidentally killed near Oakamoor in the Churnet Valley – apparently having been living in the […]

Coniferous Woodland

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Woods that stay green all year round. Cannock Chase Forest is by far the most important local coniferous woodland. Listen to the Coniferous Woodland Panel Text: Star Objects Long-eared owls raise their ‘ear tufts’ (not actually ears) when they are alarmed to make themselves look bigger. They nest in dense coniferous woodland and zig-zag over […]

City and Town

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Opportunities for wildlife in the human jungle. Green areas in the City are vital for both wildlife and humans. Listen to the City and Town Panel Text: Star Objects These eye-catching birds skim and hover just above the surface of still or slow-moving water. They perch by rivers to hunt for fish and insects. This […]


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Bleak moors with low growing plants. The “Dark Peak” of the Peak District National Park can be seen from public footpaths north of Leek. Listen to the Moorland Panel Text: Star Objects Red deer are Britain’s largest mammal. Males shed their antlers in spring and regrow them ready for the breeding season in autumn. They […]

Limestone Grassland

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Green pastures on limestone rock. Mostly found in the ‘White Peak’ areas to the north east of The Potteries and the Weaver Hills. Listen to the Limestone Grassland Panel Text: Star Objects The noises emitted by brown long-eared bats for echolocation are much quieter than those of other bats. Its incredible hearing helps it to […]

Merlin Engines

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These objects are parts from a Rolls-Royce Merlin Engine. Sections have been cut away to reveal the inner workings. The Merlin Engine The Merlin was designed and built by Rolls-Royce. These powerful and reliable engines were fitted to many Second World War aircraft including the Avro Lancaster, Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire. Over 150,000 […]

Journey to the Spitfire

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Reginald Joseph Mitchell was one of the leading aeroplane designers of his generation. He was born in Butt Lane, Kidsgrove in 1895 and raised and educated in Stoke-on-Trent. He designed 24 different aeroplanes during his prolific career, before his death in 1937 aged only 42. Mitchell’s designs ranged from commercial flying boats, made from wood […]

Cylinder Bank

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Merlin Engine Cylinders This is a bank of six cylinders from a Merlin engine. Air and fuel are burnt inside the cylinders to move the pistons up and down. A crankshaft converts the up-and down-motion of the pistons into a round-and-round motion, turning a shaft connected to the propeller. The ‘four-stroke’ cycle: The piston moves […]