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Shared Experiences

29/05/202015:4303/06/2020 11:28

Some of your have been kind enough to share your experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Some of these will be retained in the archives for future generations. My Experience of Coronavirus Lockdown 2020 Submitted by anonymous At the age of 73 years I did not expect there to be many things I would […]

Shortlisted! Family Friendly Museum Award 2019

20/06/201908:34Leave a Comment

The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery has been shortlisted for the prestigious Family Friendly Museum Award 2019. UK charity Kids in Museums awards the honour annually to one museum, gallery, historic home or heritage site in the UK that goes the extra mile to provide a great experience for families. It is the only museum […]

Social History

29/09/201711:1314/04/2020 12:06

The Social History collection promotes a strong sense of identity and place, inspiring pride in the City as well as celebrating the creativity and achievements of its people. A wide range of material – such as personal possessions, ephemera, tools, machines, furniture, uniforms, photographs, transport memorabilia, civic memorabilia – reflecting all aspects of the cultural, […]

Spitfire Gallery

15/01/201809:4509/02/2018 16:10

The Spitfire will be leaving the museum to begin an incredible new adventure to be re-born. It will be restored to its former glory and return to the City as the star of a new display. The newly restored aircraft will be returned to the museum in 2019. To enable us to deliver this exciting […]

Spitfire Gallery Texts – We Want Your Feedback

12/06/202010:2512/06/2020 15:49Leave a Comment

This is the first in a series of opportunities to help shape the way we will explore the Spitfire in our new gallery. I’ve spent much of my lock down working from home and concentrating on one topic in particular – Spitfires! It may seem far away now, but 2021 will see the opening of […]

Spitfire Progress – roundels and more!

02/10/202014:51Leave a Comment

We’re very pleased to bring you an especially exciting progress report – it feels like a couple of significant milestones have been reached since our last update. Stencilling Last time we reported that the greys and green of the Spitfire’s main colour scheme had been applied. Now the RAF roundel, serial number, and squadron code […]

Spitfire Progress – More Paint, More Parts

02/04/202013:44Leave a Comment

Welcome to another edition of the Spitfire Progress Report. Things have understandably slowed recently due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, where practical, some members of MAPSL are continuing to work on replica parts from home (a bit like the original dispersed production of Spitfires during the Second World War!)[1] The time-consuming task of sourcing missing […]

Spitfire Progress – Fuselage

08/10/201810:0016/10/2018 11:12Leave a Comment

Progress continues on the restoration of Spitfire RW388 by the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Limited (MAPSL). This week we look at progress to the main body of the aircraft – the fuselage. This section is made from curving panels attached to a supporting structure of horizontal longerons and vertical frames, forming the core of the […]

Spitfire Progress – New Year Edition

07/01/202015:01Leave a Comment

We begin 2020 with a fresh update on the restoration of Spitfire RW388. The aircraft remains at the workshops of the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd (MAPSL) as it enters the next phase. Work slowed towards the end of 2019 due to the planned redevelopment of Rocester Airport, which includes an archaeological excavation of both […]

Spitfire Progress – Old Paint and New Parts

29/03/201916:3329/03/2019 16:40Leave a Comment

Work continues at Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd (MAPSL) readying Spitfire RW388 for its return to the city in 2020. If you haven’t already, check out our previous Spitfire blogs for the story so far. One of the first jobs MAPSL needed to do was strip layers of old paint in order to prime and […]