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Spitfire Progress – The Engine

28/09/201816:0028/01/2019 14:29

Progress continues on the restoration of Spitfire RW388 by the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Limited (MAPSL). Much of the focus early on has been on the aircraft’s Merlin engine – arguably almost as much of a Second World War icon as the Spitfire itself. Progress Report The Merlin 266 has been fully cleaned and painted, […]

Spitfire Progress – Things are coming together (literally!)

26/03/202116:0501/04/2021 08:13Leave a Comment

Welcome to another, and long overdue, update on the restoration of Spitfire RW388. If you haven’t already seen them, our previous updates are all still available in the blog archives. The final stages of work are now all drawing together as even more parts of the aeroplane are fitted and fixed into place. So let’s […]

Spitfire Progress – Wings

22/10/201810:0422/10/2018 12:30Leave a Comment

Progress continues on the restoration of Spitfire RW388 by the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Limited (MAPSL). This week it’s time to really get things off the ground* with one of the Spitfire’s most recognisable features – its wings. (*Pun very much intended) RW388’s wings were detached in order to remove it from the building in […]

Spitfire Progress – Dispersed Production

08/07/202009:2508/07/2020 09:27Leave a Comment

The Coronavirus outbreak halted much of the work on Spitfire RW388 for a number of weeks. Several members have been working on new or refurbished parts away from the main workshop. There are many pieces of the Spitfire which were missing when it came to the city. Replacing these with replicas or authentic spares has […]

Spitfire Progress- Peeling back the Paint

02/01/201910:5702/01/2019 11:03Leave a Comment

Late in 2018 I took a trip to visit the Medway Aircraft Preservation Society at Rochester Airport. The team have been busy on the restoration of Spitfire RW388 and work will continue in 2019. One of the big jobs has been to strip away layers of paint from the wings and fuselage in order to […]

Spitfire RW388

08/12/201714:5601/07/2021 08:45

The Spitfire has left the museum to begin an incredible new adventure. It has been restored and returned to Stoke-on-Trent as the star of a new display. The aircraft will be unveiled in its new home in September 2021. It’s a pretty exciting time for the City’s Spitfire, which returned from more than 3 years […]

Spitfire RW388 Returns

01/07/202108:32Leave a Comment

Last week saw Spitfire RW388 return to the museum after more than 3 years away at the workshops of Medway Aircraft Preservation Society Ltd. The aeroplane arrived in four main pieces: fuselage, tail and the two wings. Each was craned onto the new cafe terrace and wheeled into the building, under the careful supervision of […]

St. Luke’s & Betley Schools

02/06/202014:0222/02/2021 12:22

The Key Worker’s children at St Luke’s and Betley First School have been extremely busy creating a range of art work on some local themes. Reginald Mitchell & The Spitfire “Here are a few more images of the Key Worker children’s works of art. This was part of our topic about WW2.  The children traced […]

Staffordshire Hoard…Cushions!

06/04/202013:1330/04/2020 07:20

We were delighted to see these Staffordshire Hoard inspired cushions created by pupils at St. Luke’s CE School, Silverdale. The children looked for information in ‘The Story of the Dig, Staffordshire Hoard on Tour’ They also looked at some beautiful images of the Staffordshire Hoard.  The children selected a sentence to reproduce on to their […]

Staffordshire Hospitality

03/04/202015:0010/12/2020 11:06

23/11/2019 – 19/01/2020