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Museum Treasures: Sopwith Camel propeller

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The designer of the iconic Spitfire, Reginald J. Mitchell (1895 – 1937), attended Hanley High School from September 1909 to November 1911. He retained a great affection for the school and in subsequent years was a contributor to the school magazine. Mining subsidence caused the closure of Hanley High School in 1940. It was replaced […]

Spitfire Gallery

15/01/201809:4509/02/2018 16:10

The Spitfire will be leaving the museum to begin an incredible new adventure to be re-born. It will be restored to its former glory and return to the City as the star of a new display. The newly restored aircraft will be returned to the museum in 2019. To enable us to deliver this exciting […]

Museum Treasures: The Dolls House

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One of the most popular exhibits on display in the museum is the dolls house, which can be seen in the Design Gallery. This house was completed in 1982 by local craftsman Peter Wall.  In addition to the house, he also made several other pieces contained within it. The house was donated to the museum […]

Museum Treasures; Joseph Grimaldi Figure

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Staffordshire potters have been making figures since the mid 18th century. While most were purely decorative, in the 19th century they began making figures showing the celebrities of the day. Many figures depicted royalty or politicians but some of the most popular showed the stars of the stage. One was Joseph Grimaldi (1779-1837). The original […]

Geology Collections

08/12/201716:0819/01/2018 11:19

There are around 12,000 rocks, minerals and fossils, with a good coverage of the fossils associated with the local Coal Measures. Highlights include the William A.S. Sarjeant collection of 1,000 North Midland minerals and the John Ward collection of fish fossils. Ward’s fossils were sent to scientists and museums all over the country, and 798 specimens […]

Biology Collections

08/12/201716:0619/01/2018 11:26

The majority of the 100,000+ animals specimens are ones found in and around The Potteries. There are over 24,000 beetles, 5,000 bird eggs, 8,000 Staffordshire moths and 14,000 snails, as well as a comprehensive collection of birds and mammals from the region. All of our taxidermy is either historic or ethically sourced – which means […]

The Staffordshire Hoard

08/12/201715:2814/09/2020 12:44

The Staffordshire Hoard is the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver metalwork ever found, comprising over 4,000 items. Archaeologists believe the Hoard was buried during the 7th Century (600-699AD), at a time when the region was part of the Kingdom of Mercia. The Hoard was jointly acquired by the Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Birmingham […]

Spitfire RW388

08/12/201714:5617/09/2021 15:34

Spitfire RW388 was donated to the City of Stoke-on-Trent in 1972. It honours Reginald J. Mitchell, the designer of the Spitfire, who was born and educated in North Staffordshire before becoming one of the greatest aeronautical engineers of his generation. The aeroplane is housed in our Spitfire Gallery, where visitors can discover the story of […]

Museum Friends

29/09/201711:4502/12/2020 10:02

The Friends of The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery is a registered charity (no. 507834) whose aims are to promote, support, assist and improve The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and Gladstone Pottery Museum. Support may be for the development of facilities to increase the enjoyment of visitors, or for purchases of important items for […]

Social History

29/09/201711:1314/04/2020 12:06

The Social History collection promotes a strong sense of identity and place, inspiring pride in the City as well as celebrating the creativity and achievements of its people. A wide range of material – such as personal possessions, ephemera, tools, machines, furniture, uniforms, photographs, transport memorabilia, civic memorabilia – reflecting all aspects of the cultural, […]