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The Secrets of Playing Cards – Part 1

03/06/202009:0002/06/2020 08:06Leave a Comment

This week is Volunteers’ Week, an annual celebration of volunteers to thank them for the contribution that they make. So what better time to share this blog by Holly who has helped document some of our old sets of playing cards. At the beginning of 2020 I began to volunteer at the Potteries Museum and […]

Potty Gardening Club: Spiders

03/06/202006:4603/06/2020 10:42Leave a Comment

Wherever you are, you are not far away from a spider. They share our buildings and our gardens and I have even seen them on and in my car whilst I have been travelling. Spiders have even been seen thread flying at the height of small aeroplanes! Thread flying is where a spider lets out […]

St. Luke’s & Betley Schools

02/06/202014:0204/06/2020 07:04

The Key Worker’s children at St Luke’s and Betley First School have been extremely busy creating a range of art work on some local themes. Arthur Berry Dogs The children looked at the work of artist, Arthur Berry. We discussed his interest in buildings of the local environment and his use of materials to make […]

Beside the Seaside

01/06/202011:4506/08/2020 10:51

21/06/2014 – 05/10/2014 Find out more about the development of this exhibition on our blog: Behind the Scenes – Beside the Seaside

Behind the Scenes – Designing a Magnificent Minibeast Safari

31/05/202006:1128/05/2020 12:48Leave a Comment

As this week it’s National Children’s Gardening Week, I thought this was the ideal time to share with you how back in 2009 I spent a lot of time in my garden exploring and taking photographs when I was tasked with creating one of my favourite exhibitions, a big exhibition about some of the smallest […]

Shared Experiences

29/05/202015:4303/06/2020 11:28

Some of your have been kind enough to share your experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Some of these will be retained in the archives for future generations. My Experience of Coronavirus Lockdown 2020 Submitted by anonymous At the age of 73 years I did not expect there to be many things I would […]

Magnificent Minibeast Safari


23/05/2009 – 20/09/2009

Time with Pets

28/05/202009:2728/05/2020 12:42

Many of us are spending more time with our pets during lock down. So we shared this painting by the Italian painter and photographer Eugenio Zampighi (1859–1944). He specialised in creating cheerful and idyllic images of Italian rural life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We asked you to share your own pictures […]

Potty Gardening Club: Climbing Plants

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Climbing plants are some of nature’s cheats and opportunists. They climb up and over other plants to reach the sunlight without wasting energy or producing their own supporting shoots. This adaptation saves the plant the effort of producing a strong supporting trunk of its own. Climbing plants grow across the ground until they come into […]

Safety Signs – Packmoor Ormiston Academy

26/05/202011:4926/05/2020 11:50

Some of our schools have remained open for vulnerable and key workers children. Here is some artwork from Packmoor Ormiston Academy who designed some safety signage and messaging to stay alert and help save lives.