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20. Snowy Owl

20/12/202003:0017/12/2020 09:53

As the name suggests, snowy owls are found in arctic regions, with their white feathers providing camouflage against the snow. Unlike most owls, they are usually active during the day. They are not often seen in the British Isles, occasionally venturing as far south as the Cairngorms in Scotland during the breeding season, but they […]

19. The Turkey Boy

19/12/202003:0015/12/2020 12:00

If you haven’t bought your turkey yet there is still just time, although it’s unlikely to be as large as this one. Our figure was modelled by locally-born sculptor, Harry Parr, (1882-c.1966) who produced a series of lively ceramic figures from his studio in Chelsea during the 1920s. This figure group was inspired by a […]

18. Christmas Island

18/12/202003:0016/12/2020 10:32

Despite its name, there are no reindeer and a very little chance of snow on Christmas Island. Christmas island is located south of Indonesia in the Indian Ocean. Although the island had been noticed on earlier voyages, it was named ‘Christmas Island’ on December 25th 1643 as Captain William Mynors passed by on his return […]

17. Away in a Manger

17/12/202003:0015/12/2020 10:26

The story of the Nativity often features a diverse cast of animals including the ox and the ass (or donkey), as well as a few camels who arrived with the Three Kings (or Wise Men) to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Oxen (or cattle) in particular became firmly associated with nativity scenes after the publication […]

16. The Indomitable Snowman

16/12/202003:0015/12/2020 10:59

As sure as Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve or leftover turkey on Boxing Day, the beloved animation The Snowman will be watched by millions of people all over the UK this festive period. The book, The Snowman was first published in 1978 by the children’s writer and illustrator Raymond Briggs. The animated film was later […]

15. Christmas Telegram

15/12/202011:0315/12/2020 11:04

This simple Christmas telegram was among thousands being sent home by soldiers stationed overseas during the Second World War. Telegrams were charged by the word – so messages tended to be short. Even so, receiving a message like this was a comfort and a reminder that your loved one was alive and thinking of you. […]

14. Seven swans a-swimming

14/12/202010:5814/12/2020 10:59

Swans have long been associated with both Christmas and royalty, having been served at royal banquets for hundred of years. There’s a popular myth that the Queen owns all the swans in Britain and that only she is allowed to eat them. However, other landowners have been able to possess swans since the 15th Century, […]

13. “The Ermine Coat”

13/12/202003:0011/12/2020 15:58

This is (usually) the party season and what could be more elegant than this Doulton figure titled ‘The Ermine Coat’ showing a fashionably dressed woman in her crimson evening dress and white fur coat? She was modelled by Leslie Harradine and issued by the Royal Doulton company between 1945-1967. Ermine is associated with winter as […]

12. Turtle Doves

12/12/202003:0011/12/2020 15:46

 “On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me. Two turtle doves…” Turtle doves are famously associated with the Christmas song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. The ‘turtle’ part of their name originates from the Latin (Streptopelia turtur) ‘turtur’which is connected to the sound the birds make: ‘turrturr’. They may not be […]

11. “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…”


In this painting, nineteenth-century artist, John O’Connor, captures a snowy view from the National Gallery in London in 1881. For many of us, snow is synonymous with Christmas – the movies, the songs, Advent calendars and Christmas cards –  although white Christmases are much less common than they used to be in the UK. White […]