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10. The Christmas Star


The Three Kings by David Jones. Engraving, dated 1926. The words, ‘Omnes de Saba Venient’, are taken from the prophecy of Isaiah in the Bible (Chapter 60:6). ‘All shall come from Sheba bringing gold and frankincense, and showing forth praise to the Lord.’ This print from our Fine Art collection illustrates the story of the […]

9. Anglo-Saxon Christmas

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This gold cross, with delicate filigree decoration, is among a small number of Christian items found in the Staffordshire Hoard. When Anglo-Saxons first began to settle in England they brought their Pagan beliefs with them. However, by the time the Staffordshire Hoard was buried after around 650AD, a number of kingdoms had converted to Christianity. […]

8. Christmas Trees


Over the Christmas period most people will have a decorated tree in their homes, whether it’s a real one, a fairly realistic fake one, an unabashedly fake tinsel one or a minimalist ultra-modern one. Christmas would hardly be Christmas without a tree as a centrepiece. However this traditional feature has only been a part of […]

7. Figure of Winter


Figure of Winter from a set of Seasons by Neale & Co., Hanley, Staffordshire, 1778-1790 The Museum has an excellent collection of Staffordshire figures dating from c.1750-1800. Many of them came from the collection of Miss EM Wood and were purchased for the City in 1949 with grants from a variety of institutions and individuals. […]

6. Christmas Cards

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It’s early December and time to write the Christmas cards. The tradition of sending Christmas greetings goes back a very long way. A letter dating from 1534 is the first known to include the phrase, ‘Merry Christmas’.  The first recorded Christmas cards were actually sent to King James I of England and his son, the […]

5. Stockings

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Don’t forget to hang up your stockings (or socks) ! This young girl darning stockings in front of a cosy fire is Mary Cartlidge, daughter of the Potteries artist, ceramic modeller and decorator, George Cartlidge (1868–1961). The origin of the popular Christmas tradition of leaving stockings out for Santa (or Father Christmas) is attributed to […]

4. Rockin’ Robin

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The robin is a much-loved garden visitor and over the years has become a symbol of Christmas. The iconic robins red breast is sported by both males and females. Robins can be spotted in summer and winter but are more fondly associated with winter and Christmas. Here are a few tales that reveal how they […]


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This picture was taken in around 1910, probably from St. James’ Church, looking back over Longton. The photographer, William Blake (1874-1957) lived nearby and took many iconic and dramatic pictures of the smoky environment lined with bottle ovens. Longton had a reputation for the density of potbanks crammed in side-by-side with houses and shops. The […]

DesignLab Nation Schools’ programme

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Would your school like to be part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s national schools programme, DesignLab Nation? DesignLab Nation brings together Secondary schools in partnership with the V&A, regional museums and creative industries to inspire students and support teachers through in-depth design projects.  DesignLab Nation is a fully funded project and we are looking […]

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

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The tree is up, the lights are on and carols are in the air. Many of the exhibits in the Natural History Gallery lend themselves to a Christmas theme and one of them is the star of one of our most well-known and mysterious Christmas carols – The Twelve Days of Christmas. Though there are […]