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What We Do

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Dead Interesting: Using deceased specimens to save the living. We care for over 150,000 natural science specimens in our collections. They are valuable for research, education and display. Listen to the What We Do Panel Text: Star Objects

Rocks and Minerals

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Earth is about 4.6 billion years old and weighs nearly 6 quadrillion kilograms. Minerals have defined chemical composition and atoms that have an ordered arrangement. Rock is formed when one or more minerals come together naturally. Listen to the Rocks and Minerals Panel Text: Star Objects


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Life on Earth throughout history has been preserved in the rocks beneath our feet. What was your home like millions of years ago? Star Objects

Variety of Life

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Do you think there are living things in other parts of the Universe? What is life? Living things can grow, reproduce and react to their environment. Listen to the Variety of Life Panel Text: Star Objects Discover More

Magnificent Minibeasts

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From no legs to over 700, minibeasts can be found everywhere and come in all shapes and sizes. Invertebrates such as flies and bees pollinate flowers, while predators such as spiders and wasps keep pest numbers down. They are vital for a healthy ecosystem. Listen to the Magnificent Minibeasts Panel Text: Star Objects

Funny Bones

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What would happen to you if your bones suddenly disappeared? Skeletons support and protect the organs of a body and maintain the shape of an animal. Listen to the Funny Bones Panel Text: Star Objects


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You are a mammal, how much of the following applies to you? Mammals have characteristics that distinguish them from other animal groups. Listen to the Mammals Panel Text: Star Objects

Hide and Seek

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Evolution is often an arms race between the hunters and the hunted. Plants and animals have developed many amazing ways of catching prey and outwitting predators. Listen to the Hide and Seek Panel Text: Star Objects

Saving Wild Potteries

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There is precious wildlife somewhere near you! Areas in and around The Potteries provide suitable spaces for wildlife to live. Have you seen any interesting wildlife near you recently? Listen to the Saving Wild Potteries Panel Text: Star Objects


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Streams, rivers, canals, lakes, reservoirs, ponds – wet bits! Tittesworth Reservoir and Westport Lake are some local examples. Listen to the Freshwater Panel Text: Star Objects The mute swan is the most common swan of Europe. It was taken into semi-domestication during mediaeval times but has been reverting to the wild for two or three […]