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Alice's Adventures in a Museum Wonderland

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At The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery from May 17th 2021

It’s a story familiar to almost everyone, a magical adventure which has been adapted for stage and screen numerous times. ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ has entertained children and adults alike for over 150 years. Written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pen-name Lewis Carroll, the story follows little Alice as she tumbles down a rabbit hole in chase of the very well-dressed White Rabbit. In Wonderland she faces confusing riddles and curious characters as she makes her way to the Queen’s rose garden to play croquet.

Charles Dodgson originally conjured the story to entertain the real-life Alice Liddell and her sisters while on a rowing trip in 1862, three years before the final book was published. The book was illustrated by John Tenniel.

This exhibition brings the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to life through objects from across our collections. Try not to lose your head…

The Exhibition

Discover the unique collections of The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery through the lens of the classic story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This family-friendly exhibition can be found in the museum’s Sculpture Court on the Lower Ground Floor. Entry is free.

The strange scenes discovered by Alice are recreated using real museum treasures, from the cast of the Caucus-Race to the giant shell of a mock-turtle. You can even join in with the Queen’s game of croquet.

You can also follow Alice’s Adventures through a Museum Wonderland online- explore each chapter to play games, examine hidden objects and see the museum as you never have before.

The Collections

Discover the objects on display and the stories behind them.

Browse the Collections

Browse the Collections

A selection of  treasures that wouldn't look out of place in Wonderland - including some that you won't find in the Exhibition.
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Discover and Play

Stories from behind-the-scenes, games to play, things to make and more.