Historic England Heritage Schools Programme

Heritage Schools and The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery developed and delivered an online training package to teachers. The training was based around some key individuals who all came from areas of ceramic excellence in Europe to work in Stoke-on-Trent. We looked at their stories, their work, impact and significance on local industry and culture. The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery’s Senior Curator in Ceramics provided an overview of some of their work in the museum’s collection.

The second part of the training was based around a pre-recorded workshop demonstrating an artistic technique for teachers to trial with their pupils. Here is some of the artwork the schools have produced as a result of the training.

Sutherland Academy.

“We looked specifically at Grete Marks, an overview of her history and some of her works. We then used the plasticine artwork guidelines to practise using the plasticine in this new, artist way, with the Derbyshire landscape by Grete. The children were so engaged with this, loved learning the history of Grete and making connections with their previous learning about WWII, and then creating their own pieces of art around important buildings in Stoke on Trent. We choose our school, bottle kilns and then we chose Trentham Gardens, too”. Mrs. Goodwin

Etruscan Primary.

Year 4 pupils at Etruscan Primary School studied Leon Arnoux and his journey. They looked at his impact on the industry and our area. The pupils used mixed media art to create a timeline of his life.

Forest Park Primary School Year 5

As part of their study of the local area and the pottery industry,  the children looked at the artist Grete Marks. The children used plasticine to produce artwork after studying her piece ‘Derbyshire Landscape’.