Staffordshire Hoard…Cushions!

We were delighted to see these Staffordshire Hoard inspired cushions created by pupils at St. Luke’s CE School, Silverdale.

The children looked for information in ‘The Story of the Dig, Staffordshire Hoard on Tour’ They also looked at some beautiful images of the Staffordshire Hoard. 

The children selected a sentence to reproduce on to their work and copied this on to paper first so that the text could be correctly positioned on to the fabric. The children drew the image directly on to the fabric using a whiteboard pen. They coloured the image using gold, silver, red, yellow, pink and black fabric crayons. They learned to put one colour over another blending and mixing the colours for a more realistic effect. Finally, the children painted their design with tea stain to create the effect of being 1300 years old! 

The children’s art teacher sewed and stuffed the cushions which are currently displayed in the entrance of St Luke’s CE School, Silverdale. We are excited about our art work being included in the Online Community Galleries.