Your Mini Museums

During the Covid-19 pandemic we asked you to share your own collections and ‘mini museums’. Here are some of the wonderful and heartfelt responses we received.

Hannah & Sophie’s Museum

Sophie (aged 6) and I have chosen to make our museum with some of our family history about Sophie’s great great grandma and grandad we have included cards and photos of them and a few momentos like grandads army stripes and his soldiers bible from WW2 some of grandmas jewellery and a bible which grandad was presented by the Salvation Army Sunday school when he left Canada to come to England as a small boy, there is also a hand drawn card which grandad sent to grandma during the war. It’s been nice for Sophie to learn a little about her past. 

Gillian’s Mini Museum

These items are special to me because they represent the meaning of family love and friendship. They were either given to me as a gift or a keepsake to remind me of my 2 nanas and grandad that are no longer here but will be treasured for me to pass on.

Janet’s Mini Museum

I chose these items as they have sentimental value. The plates numbered 1-7 were hand painted by my Dad at Longton art college.  My first job was a figure maker at Wedgwood in 1976.

Sylvie’s Amazing Museum

Left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Keys. The keys represent the fun time I had in America. My first time there. The keys are from toy handcuffs which I used to lock up my brother in pretend jail.
  2. Big marble.
  3. Emerald. I have a set of gems and I chose an emerald for my museum because it is my birthstone for the month of May.
  4. Mushroom. I chose the mushroom because me and my mum love mushrooms. My mum found this one in a junk shop in Whitby before I was born.
  5. Tin Whistle. My great grandmother ‘Ninny/Dorothy’ gave me her old
    Girl Guides whistle. I keep in on the shelf next to my bed.
  6. Photograph. I had a picture of me and my mum together in a photobooth which was in Fred Aldous art shop in Manchester
  7. Lock. The lock is from my secret diary which is very fluffy and I use my keys to unlock the book. I write a new story in it every day.
  8. Mexican Jumping Beans.
  9. Cat button and watermelon eraser.
  10.  Pop figurine of Harley Quinn. This was given to me by my friend’s dad.
  11.  Magical hatchling. This represents my love of magic and mystery.
  12. Pink beaded earring. Passed down to me from my Great Grandma Vigurs.
  13.  Squishies.
  14. Minecraft sheep. Minecraft is one of my favourite games. I play online with my friends.
  15. Lumpy Space Princess & Chad. Adventure Time is an amazing and very funny animated show.
  16. Harry Potter Lego figurine. One of my favourite movie series.
  17. Wade Pottery Tortoise. Made in Stoke on Trent, where I live and passed down to me from my Ninny
  18. Music Box. This is a musical instrument that, when you turn the handle,
    plays Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.

Connor’s Mini Museum

Here’s Connor’s mini museum nature table, made out of a vintage printing drawer.

Anna & Rowan’s Mini Museums

We are sending over our mini museums – one is mine (the bigger one) and one is my daughter Rowan’s. We both love to Collect tiny things to remind us of places we go and things we do.

Jenny’s Mini Museum

It brings me great joy… And the pink high-5 hand on top says it all!