Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia


What can the Staffordshire Hoard tell us about Anglo-Saxon life and death? What can everyday Anglo-Saxon objects tell us about the Staffordshire Hoard? This fascinating exhibition sets pieces from the world-famous Staffordshire Hoard in context among items from our collection of Anglo-Saxon finds, many never displayed before, and offers a glimpse into our ancestors’ lives.

The display features a raised wooden-floored mead hall, with columns and banners adorned with Anglo-Saxon artwork– representing ancient designs on the Hoard artefacts – along with a replica fire pit and king’s chair.

Thought-provoking artworks inspired by the mystery of the Hoard are also on display, including a specially-commissioned animated film ‘The Last Dragon-Hunter’.

The Hoard Helmet – On Display Now

Over 1,000 fragments of the Staffordshire Hoard came from a single, ornate helmet. It is the grandest helmet to have been discovered from the period. Helmets were rare, and helmets like this even rarer – it could even be considered a crown.

You will discover a stunning reproduction of this helmet on display alongside real fragments from the Hoard.

Two models were created as the result of an 18-month long research project involving craftspeople, conservators, archaeologists and art historians, supported by the museum, Birmingham Museums Trust and Historic England.

You can find out more about the Staffordshire Hoard, the Hoard Helmet reproduction, and the conservation and research projects, through the links below: