Garnets & Gold – What’s new in the Staffordshire Hoard Gallery?

If you follow us on social media you might have picked up subtle hints that July 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Staffordshire Hoard. Needless to say, it’s making many of us here at PMAG feel very old!

To commemorate this event we are holding a series of exciting events throughout July as well giving our Staffordshire Hoard Gallery a significant update. So what can you expect to see if you visit us?

New Objects

Reconstructed section of the Hoard Helmet’s crest channel on a bespoke mount.

We’ve brought back pieces that haven’t been on display in Stoke for several years. Some pieces have been swapped with Birmingham (with whom we co-own the Staffordshire Hoard). Other pieces have spent the last few years as part of touring exhibitions and are now ready to go back on display in Staffordshire again.

We have introduced real pieces of the Hoard Helmet into the gallery to sit alongside the magnificent reproduction helmet we unveiled at the start of the year. Displaying them side by side has been a real pleasure. It really helps you to understand them when they share the same gallery.

New Look

Eagle eyed visitors will notice our Mead Hall has been enhanced by this amazing wooden cladding. The designs reflect those found on the Hoard itself and help create a more immersive atmosphere.

Quantity and Quality

The ‘Materials & Construction’ case contains 50 pieces of the treasure.

The Hoard is known for its quantity and quality, and we’ve tried to reflect that in the new displays. There are over 180 fragments of gold and silver across four cases covering how the Hoard was made, the symbolism of the designs, the importance of swords, and the Hoard Helmet itself. Items include some of finest examples of the ornate filigree and cloisonne decoration that the Hoard is famous for.

Hands on the Hoard

Explore deeper on the interactive touch table

Don’t miss our brand our new touch table interactive. Zoom in on images to see microscopic details. Browse videos and animations that bring Hoard pieces to life. We’ve also added some touchy feely interactives to replicate the textures and decoration of the Hoard. The very popular dressing-up remains too – for all kids (and big kids) to enjoy.



Meet the most famous Anglo-Saxon in The Potteries! Sean is a long-standing fixture in the gallery but had recently started to be a long-slouching fixture. Staff decided he had more than a passing resemblance a certain Yorkshireman and actor, hence the name.

We’ve perked up our resident warrior who is once again standing proud and tall. So why not take a picture with him on your next visit? He is threatening to open his own Twitter account if enough people tag him #SeanTheSaxon

Written by Joe Perry (Curator, Local History) - Modified by Glenn Roadley (Curator, Natural Sciences)

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  1. Alex lemaire says:

    Hoards! tell me about it. I’ve written a lot of posts about them. Thousands of them are found each year in Britain.

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