Helen’s Mini Museum

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Hello, my name is Helen and this is my Mini Museum…

I store my mini museum an old printer’s tray (a draw that was used to store individual letters for letterpress printing) and hangs on the wall in my lounge.

My ‘museum’ is full of a mixture of items that mean something to me. This ranges from items given to me by my family and friends items from my childhood, pictures of loved ones, and souvenirs from my travels. These are nice things to look at, especially at this time when we can’t visit the people who are dear to us.

Here are just a few of the items in my mini Museum explained. What would you put in your mini museum?

This little badge is very dear to me as it belonged to my Nan. Her name was Beatrice, `Beatie’ for short.
This is a souvenir collected to remind me of my travels to the country of Cambodia, and the ancient temples of Angkor Wat.
This cheerful little sloth, a present from my husband Rob, never fails to bring a smile to my face.
This was my girl guide badge.
It shows I was in the Bluebell patrol.
I was in the Brownies and the Guides when I was young.
These 2 bears were my prized possessions when I was little, although I can’t quite remember who they were.
One of my very first holiday souvenirs, a badge from Sir Frances Drake’s replica galleon the Golden Hind, in Brixham harbour, Devon.
This picture of me and my brother David was taken in a photo booth in the 70s, and would have originally come in a strip of 3 images.
This is a shoe decoration off my mum and dads wedding cake from the 1960s.
Written by admin - Modified by Joe Perry (Curator, Local History)

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