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Drum Major Bunnykins reporting for duty. My friends call me Bobby. Ozzy has asked me to bounce by to say hello. I am the leader of The Bunnykins Oomph Band – me and the other bunnies/rabbits march around the Ceramics Gallery, playing music for our friends. We only play when there are no visitors around so now is the perfect time for rehearsals. Don’t tell Miranda or Ben who look after us but once I nearly smashed our glass case – I was twirling my baton too high. Ozzy warned me not to get carried away.

Members of the Bunnykins Band

Would you like to meet the band? Behind me, is Cynthia on cymbals. She’s been playing music since she was a bunny. She made her first pair of cymbals with two saucepan lids. Next in line is Barry on brass, then Sandra – Cynthia’s twin sister. At the back is Charlie on his big bass drum. Once, he banged his drum so hard that his paw went straight through but the show must go on so he used a cardboard box for the rest of the performance. You could make some musical instruments at home and join in our march when you see us in the film. Well, I’d better hop to it. Time for band practice Are you ready fellas?!

If you haven’t already seen Ozzy and friends in action, check them out below!

You can colour in your own Bobby Bunny by printing the image below;

Written by admin - Modified by Joe Perry (Curator, Local History)

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