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Hello everyone. Have you seen Ozzy fly by? He asked me to hop over to meet some of his friends – he must mean you. I’m Felicity Frog and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I belong to a large family of frogs. They live in Russia now but I stayed here to tell our museum visitors about Josiah Wedgwood. He is the man who made me. The Wedgwood family have been making pottery since 1759. They are very famous potters so you might have heard of them. Josiah didn’t just make plates like mine – at the museum, you will discover pots of all different shapes and sizes. My favourite is his teapot shaped like a cauliflower. It is a most unusual teapot and is beautifully green – just like me.

I think I can hear the flap of Ozzy’s wings. He must be on his way. When you watch our film, see if you can flap like Ozzy or hop like me. It’s so much fun. Time to hop off – bye for now!

Why not try your hand at colouring me in?

If you haven’t already seen Ozzy and friends in action, check them out below!

Written by admin - Modified by Glenn Roadley (Curator, Natural Sciences)

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