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Hulloh! Our friend Ozzy has asked me to come and introduce myself. My name is Leo. I am a lion. It is my job to guard the Ceramics Gallery at night – I take great ‘pride’ in my work ho-ho! As you can see, I like to look smart and take care of my appearance. You would never guess I am over 300 years old.

I was made by Thomas Toft, a famous Staffordshire potter. I’m very lucky to be one of his designs. His patterns show kings, queens and many beautiful creatures. You will even find mermaids and unicorns on some of his plates.

Thomas Toft dish, featuring a lion (Leo) and unicorn as part of the Royal Arms

When the museum closes at 5pm and everyone has gone home, I give a loud, booming roar to wake everyone up. There was a time when I roared so loud, Ozzy nearly toppled over. Watch our film again and when you see me, give your loudest, most fearsome ROAR! Time to go – the cow creamers have wandered off again and I have to count them all back in…one, two, three, four…Goodbye!…five, six…seven…

You can print and colour in your very own Leo at home!

If you haven’t already seen Ozzy and friends in action, check them out below!

Written by admin - Modified by Glenn Roadley (Curator, Natural Sciences)

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