Meet Ozzy & Friends

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Hello! Your good friend Ozzy here.

I was so excited to be able to share my museum adventures with you in our film. We’re all thrilled you like it.

My friends do like to stretch their legs (and wings) when everyone has gone home. We do get up to a bit of mischief but I promise we are taking good care of the place while you’re away. I nearly got caught once. I was flapping around the Natural Science gallery, visiting my owl friends. Their servant Glenn came to check on them one morning before I’d made it back to my roost in Ceramics. I don’t think he saw me. You can meet Glenn over here.

If you haven’t yet met me in person, I’m Ozzy Owl. This film isn’t my first time on the silver screen – I appeared on The Antiques Roadshow when I was just a young owlet – I was only about 300 years old at that time. A star was born and everyone fell in love with me. I can’t believe that people from all over the world visit the museum to meet me.

Although I’m a superstar now, I try not to lose my head – it comes off, you know?! I’m actually a drinking vessel and you can use my head as a cup. Yes, I am multi-talented.

It’s time to fly now but soon I will be sending some of my friends along to introduce themselves. You can colour me in while you’re waiting for them.

Use the template below, and if you send your masterpiece to , we’ll include it in an online gallery!

Written by Glenn Roadley (Curator, Natural Sciences)

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