Potty Gardening Club: Make a Snail Tank

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Slugs and snails are a common sight in gardens. They are molluscs, related to clams, squid and octopus. They are important animals as they eat rotting leaves, breaking them down and returning nutrients to the soil.

You can make a tank for a snail to live in so you can watch and learn about it. Remember to look after your snail as carefully as you would any other pet and to release it after you have finished enjoying watching it.

How to make your snail tank.

You will need:

  • An adult
  • An empty fizzy drink bottle
  • Scissors or knife
  • Drill bit or awl/skewer
  • A small piece of plastic wrap
  • Rubber band
  1. Use your adult and a pair of scissors to carefully cut the top off the bottle

2. Rinse inside the tank with cold water, shake out the surplus water but do not dry.
3. Lay your bottle on its side and put some leafy vegetation inside for your snail. Include a small piece of lettuce.
4. Remove the screw top from the bottle and ask your adult to drill an air hole into it or replace the lid with a small piece of plastic wrap held on with a rubber band. Remember to pierce an air hole in the plastic wrap.
5. Put your snail inside their new home.
6. Push the two pieces of the bottle back together.
7. Put your snail tank outside in the shade to keep your snail cool.
8. Remember to check on your snail every day.

To keep your snail happy and safe, make sure you replace the food and vegetation daily so it doesn’t go mouldy. Make sure your snail tank stays in a cool, shady area.

Written by Rob Gagliano, Casual Learning Development Leader and Natural Science Collections Volunteer

Written by museumvolunteers - Modified by Glenn Roadley (Curator, Natural Sciences)

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