Key Stage 1 Workshops

Animal Pots (Foundation/KS1) Study the creatures in the Ceramics Gallery, including the Minton Peacock. Make a clay container with an animal inside.

Performing Puppets (Foundation/KS1) Explore a variety of puppets from our collection. Design and make a stick puppet with moving arms and legs.

Toys from the Past (Foundation/KS1) What sort of toys did your great-grandparents play with? Work out how they move and what they are made of and make a simple toy. *Adaptations of this workshop is particularly suitable for special schools.

Clay Portrait Heads (KS1/2) Discover sculpture in our art gallery. Draw a friend and investigate the properties of clay by sculpting a portrait.

Prehistoric Pots (KS1/KS2) Learn how  Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age people made their pots. Create your own Stone age pot from clay, inspired by the pots in our collection and decorate it with it  natural materials.

Anglo Saxon Pots (KS1/KS2) Anglo Saxons used clay pots for many of their everyday life activities from cooking, to cremation. Create your own Anglo Saxon Pot from clay, inspired by our collection and decorate it with the Runic Alphabet.