School Loans Box Service

Bring the museum into your classroom with one of our PMAG loans boxes. Our loans boxes contain either real or replica artefacts, which have been chosen to support your classroom teaching.

They are a great way to give your class an exciting, hands on learning experience, which engages them with history or the natural world. Each box contains a set of teaching resources with information about each artefact, learning activity ideas, an object handling guide and worksheets.

All our boxes are given a 72 hour quarantine period between bookings, to comply with current Covid-19 safety advice. Read our Covid 19 Loans box method statement for more information.

Boxes are loaned for periods of 2 weeks at a cost of £25. A £10 ‘Late return deposit,’ will also be taken, which is returnable if your box is returned by the agreed return date.   

Our boxes will be available from the Autumn half term holiday (October 26th), you can book now by e-mailing  

Our boxes

Stone Age

This box contains an exciting selection of real prehistoric stone tools and weapons. Let your class touch and investigate objects that are thousands of years old!

Box contents: Palaeolithic hand axe, Neolithic rough cut axe head , Late Neolithic ground axe head, Neolithic arrowhead, replica arrow head, Neolithic Awl, Neolithic scraper, Palaeolithic blade, Neolithic slug knife.

Ancient Egypt

Explore Ancient Egyptian life and death with a collection of engaging replica artefacts. Box contents: Canopic jars, Rosetta Stone, charms, shrine, Faience scarab, Faience goose, Osiris Statuette, Bastet Statuette, necklace, model of mummy in sarcophagus.

Anglo Saxons

This box contains replica artefacts which can be used to learn about the lives of the Anglo Saxons. The box contains: Seax (blunted knife) in leather scabbard, pottery stamps, coins, pottery lamp, drinking horn, brooches, ruins, drinking horn, Pictures of the Staffordshire Hoard. Chainmail patch.

WW2: Evacuees

Use the replica objects in this box to discover what life was like for evacuee children during WW2. Box contents: suitcase, period children’s clothes, gas mask in bag, coins in tin, marbles, skipping rope, yoyo, enamel chamber pot, enamel tea can, replica wartime papers (leaflets, rationing cards, identity cards).


Our Fossils Box contains different interesting plant and animal fossil specimens, some of which have been found in the Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Box Contents: Belemnite, Ammonite, rock containing several Ammonites, Trilobite, plaster cast of Trilobite, Gryphaea, Seed Fern, Sea Urchin.

 Please note items in the boxes may be occasionally changed or removed at times for repair.

See our Covid-19 Method Statement.