St. Luke’s & Betley Schools

The Key Worker’s children at St Luke’s and Betley First School have been extremely busy creating a range of art work on some local themes.

Arthur Berry Dogs

The children looked at the work of artist, Arthur Berry. We discussed his interest in buildings of the local environment and his use of materials to make them look shabby and old. We looked at one of Arthur Berry’s dog pictures and tried to create a scruffy and friendly version for ourselves. The children got extremely messy with the black graphite pencils and oil pastels and some children added a googly eye for special effect!

Lowry, VE Day 1945

The children have been learning about VE Day. Following the VE Day celebrations this year, we looked at the painting, VE Day 1945 by artist, L S Lowry. Each child drew a row of terraced houses on to fabric and some children looked in greater detail at the painting and copied some of the other buildings. Each child created a small figure from pipe cleaners and felt, bending the pipe cleaners to express movement. Lastly, they created mini bunting which two children very delicately glued on to the string. The children’s art teacher assembled all of the pieces and glued them on to a board. The picture is displayed at the front of school for parents to have a look.

Bottle Kiln Cushions

The children looked at some images of pottery factories.  Some children said that they had visited them with their parents. Each child cut out their own symmetrical bottle kiln shape from paper and then drew around it on to their fabric. Detail was added using a whiteboard pen. Then fabric crayons and fabric dye were used to create an atmospheric effect. The children’s art teacher sewed and stuffed the cushions. The children were very excited to take their cushions home to share with their parents.

Bottle Kiln Canvas

The children looked at images of historic bottle kilns and pottery factories. Some of the children had visited Middleport Pottery with their parents and had seen ‘The Poppies’  First, the children created their own ‘canvas’ from pieces of corrugated cardboard and then they drew the terraced houses and the bottle kilns with whiteboard pens. They used black graphite pencils to create the shadows and atmosphere. The children learned to use watercolour paints, blending and mixing the colours for effect. Finally, the pictures were ‘glazed’ with a mixture of PVA glue and water. 

Clay pottery factory:

Each child created a bottle kiln and a factory building from air drying clay. These were painted with watercolour paints and ‘glazed’ with a mixture of PVA glue and water. The children arranged their pieces on to a base to resemble an old pottery factory.

Middleport ‘calico’ design print:

The children looked at a piece of ‘Burleigh’ pottery with the blue ‘calico’ design. They drew their own flower on ‘polyprint’ and then printed their design on to the fabric. All of the children loved the printing and took their piece of polyprint home but the actual print remains on display in school.