The Silent Enemy 2020

Submitted by Linda Perry, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s an enemy we can’t see or hear
We only know it’s getting near
We thought it was a world away
But it’s coming closer every day

A stowaway on planes and ships
From land to land it quietly skips
And now it’s reached our UK shores
It’s knocking, knocking at our doors

It’s time to take some extreme measures
We must forego some of our pleasures
No visits to the theatre to see a show
To the local pub we can no longer go

Wash your hands until they are sore
Then panic buying hits the store
No hand wash or sanitiser to be sold
Toilet rolls and pasta are rarer than gold

There are darker days where we are heading
As we all try to prevent the virus spreading
The children are no longer going to school
Stay home, stay safe is now the golden rule

Working from home where ever you can
And most of our shopping comes in a van
Lockdown measures are now in place
We can’t meet friends and family face to face

As casualty figures rise at an alarming rate
Our key workers and NHS staff we celebrate
We clap and cheer them on a Thursday night
And hope and pray that the end is in sight

People are pulling together in a caring way
Helping their friends and neighbours every day
Standing against the enemy we must beat
United together our foe we will defeat

Linda Perry – Coronavirus March 2020