Time with Pets

Many of us are spending more time with our pets during lock down. So we shared this painting by the Italian painter and photographer Eugenio Zampighi (1859–1944). He specialised in creating cheerful and idyllic images of Italian rural life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

We asked you to share your own pictures and stories of your pets.

Kieran and Co-Co

My little boy Kieran age 6 has been asking for a pet for a while. So during lockdown we’ve allowed him to have a pet hamster. He adores her and really looks after her better than we ever imagined. Her name is Co-Co. She now comes to the cage door for her daily cuddles. Luckily she wakes up at the end of what would be a school day so when he goes school again she will be awake when he comes home. 

Lisa & Hector

Hector is a big dog trapped in a little cat’s body. He likes to play stick and carry his favourite toy ‘Chilli’ around in his mouth. I’m under no impression that I am head of the house – merely a live-in P.A. I get the impression that Hector is enjoying lockdown. The first couple of weeks I was bestowed with ‘gifts’ for my commitment to constant door-opening. Door-opening is usually a thankless task. He considers it more a disciplinary process – like the ‘pick-your-jacket-up’ scene in Karate Kid (2010). Hector is Jackie Chan. Open the door. Sit down. Stand Up. Open the door. Sit down. Stand up. Open the door. Sit down…Nevertheless, he’s my valued lockdown buddy, the reason to get out of bed in the morning. Mainly because he’s a complete and utter nuisance until I get up. Open the door. Sit down. Stand up.

Oliver & Nikko

This is Nikko and our son. They are inseparable!  Nikko is nearly 2 years old and is a white German Shepherd. We have had him from a puppy from a rescue centre. Since having Nikko Oliver has always said he is his bestest buddy but since the lock down he has relied on his canine friend even more. He often talks to him about what is happening in his day and they both let of steam during walks, chasing each other and playing in the garden.